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  • Dextrous Robot Hands by: S.T Venkataraman, Thea Iberall, $119.00

    Manipulation using dextrous robot hands has been an exciting yet frustrating research topic for the last several years. While significant progress has occurred in the design, construction, and low-level control of robotic hands, researchers are up against fundamental problems in developing algorithms for real-time computations in multi-sensory processing and motor control. The aim of this book is to explore parallels in sensorimotor integration in dextrous robot and human hands, addressing the basic question of how the next generation of dexterous hands should evolve. By bringing together experimental psychologists, kinesiologists, computer scientists, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers, the book covers topics that range from human hand usage in prehension and exploration, to the design and use of robotic sensors and multi-fingered hands, and to control and computational architectures for dextrous hand usage. While the ultimate goal of capturing human hand versatility remains elusive, this book makes an important contribution to the design and control of future dextrous robot hands through a simple underlying message: a topic as complex as dextrous manipulation would best be addressed by collaborative, interdisciplinary research, combining high-level and low-level views, drawing parallels between human studies and analytic approaches, and integrating sensory data with motor commands. As seen in this text, success has been made through the establishment of such collaborative efforts. The future will hold up to expectations only as researchers become aware of advances in parallel fields and as a common vocabulary emerges from integrated perceptions about manipulation.

  • From Whence Comes Love by: Thea Iberall $9.00

    Born into a wealthy Jewish family in Berlin, Germany, Anne M. Gilbert found safety ripped from her as the world turned upside down with the rise of Hitler. When her family is saved thanks to the intervention of a famous movie star, Gilbert is thrust into a new confusing life in England during the London Blitz. Coming to the aid of her adopted country, she joins the secret Y service and is nearly killed. Gilbert’s search across continents to find a safe home is told against a backdrop of multiple wars and history. Alienated and fleeing from her religion, her culture, and country, her ultimate search is for something much deeper–will she find peace and even love?

  • The Grasping Hand (Advances in Psychology) by: Christine L Mackenzie, Thea Iberall, $72.95

    The simple task of grasping objects has been studied for centuries by scientists, therapists and engineers who have tried to understand and duplicate the versatility of the human hand. Using an interdisciplinary approach and new framework for looking at prehension, the authors uncover the subleties of the amazing interaction between the hand and the brain. They draw from such diverse fields as experimental psychology, kinesiology, robotics, neural networks, artificial intelligence, neuropsychology and rehabilitation. A triangle strategy is presented, starting from conceptual models that suggest both experimental and computational models. Chapters describe the multiple postures established by the hand, phases in the dynamic process of reaching for, grasping and manipulating various objects, and the constraints acting on such activity.

    Appendices provide the complete anatomy of the upper limb, the basics of computational modelling, and the fundamentals of prosthetic and dextrous robot hands. The ultimate goal of this book is to develop a common vocabularly for multidisciplinary researchers who strive to understand a system as complex as the hand under the control of the human brain.

  • The Sanctuary Of Artemis by: Thea Iberall $15.00

    This collection of contextual poems explores the roots and origins of Western patriarchal culture through evolution, religion, neuroscience, history, mythology, symbolism, and linguistics. While the collection is broad in its exploration, the poems are intensely focused on a very personal journey through life.